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October 2

When “My Way” Needs to Hit the Highway

One of the most consistent aspects of leadership is inconsistency. No two weeks are alike. Days start with one plan and end with another. Employees leave, competitors innovate, customer needs shift. Most leaders are drawn to the excitement of (CONTINUE READING)

January 24

Your 2017 Goals Might Be Missing Something

January always reminds me how goal-oriented our culture is. Everywhere we look there are cues to create a new year, a new you, a fresh start. What will we achieve? By when? How will we know 2017 is a (CONTINUE READING)

March 30

Daring to Go Beyond

A few weeks ago, I witnessed the most powerful keynote speech I’ve ever heard. Speaking at our annual Georgetown Alumni Coaching Conference was Kakenya Ntaiya, the Founder and President of the Kakenya Center for Excellence. Her story was riveting; (CONTINUE READING)

January 27

Do You Know the Status Quo?

The status quo has a bad rap, doesn’t it? It’s the butt of jokes. People want to disrupt it. No one wants to be associated with it. Before we can do any of those things, though, I’d assert we (CONTINUE READING)

April 16

Getting Comfortable With Discomfort

As a species, we humans don’t like being uncomfortable. Master of the obvious, you say? Perhaps. But really, most of us will go to great lengths to avoid discomfort. Stop to think for a minute about the ways we (CONTINUE READING)

January 23

The Truth of the Status Quo

A few weeks ago, I sent my Q1 newsletter (click here if you want to be added to my list for future newsletters). Given that it’s January, I found myself considering concepts around making resolutions and setting goals for (CONTINUE READING)

May 9

The Danger of Accepting “Change is a Given”

Sixteen years ago, I had my first opportunity to hear Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman speak. An expert in the field of organizational change, Dr. Goman had just published a book called “This Isn’t the Company I Joined.” At the (CONTINUE READING)

April 1

Do You See What I See?

I’ve always loved optical illusion games like the ones here. Can you see the dual images in both of these? Even when I know for sure there’s another image in there than what I first see, I often can’t (CONTINUE READING)

January 23

Be Responsible for Your Culture

“I didn’t invent the culture, but I didn’t try to stop the culture.” – Lance Armstrong Of the many questionable things Lance said, this statement struck me as one that was actually true. I found myself wondering how many people (CONTINUE READING)

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