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February 22

Is the Main Thing Still the Main Thing?

Most have heard Steven Covey’s famous quote: “the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Excellent words of wisdom. Not many people would disagree with the premise, yet we know it’s easier said than done. (CONTINUE READING)

December 10

Leading with Backbone and Heart

I saw the movie “Lincoln” recently. Now, I am neither an historian nor a movie critic, so I can’t speak to its historical accuracy or how it measures by Academy standards. As a leadership coach, I can say the (CONTINUE READING)

November 6

A Goldilocks Take on Responsibility

The word “responsibility” stirs up a variety of reactions. In some contexts, responsibilities are heavy and burdensome. In other circumstances, they’re privileges. And frequently, the difference is just in the eye of the beholder. Anyone ever worked with someone (CONTINUE READING)

August 14

‘Fessing Up to “I Don’t Know” Part 2 – Learning How to Learn

I recently tried something I’d never done before: a 10-day “clean food” detox program. Ten days without dairy, meat, fish, eggs, gluten and so on – let alone coffee, wine, or sweets! Physical impact and discipline notwithstanding, what was (CONTINUE READING)

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