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April 15

Leaders: Being “Touchy-Feely” Is No Longer Optional

Years ago I published this post “Yes, You’re Touchy-Feely. Get Over It.” One statement I wrote was: “whether we like it or not, every person operates daily with and through emotions. It’s simply part of our biology.” These recent (CONTINUE READING)

September 19

Let’s Nix The “Soft Skills” Label

Ask any coach and you’ll find that the phrase “soft skills” is towards the top of their pet peeve vocabulary list. It certainly is for me. The label is often so dismissive. It assumes the skills we describe as (CONTINUE READING)

June 12

Leadership Is A Choice, Not A Position

This sentiment has been expressed by so many different leaders it’s difficult to attribute it as a quote to one person. Everyone from Stephen Covey to Jack Welch to Seth Godin has offered some form of this wisdom. I (CONTINUE READING)

March 18

The Height of Insanity: Learning from “Free Solo”

This weekend we watched the terrifying and thrilling “Free Solo.” This National Geographic documentary captures an unprecedented climb by Alex Honnold: scaling the 3,000-foot El Capitan in Yosemite Park without a rope or safety gear. When I first heard (CONTINUE READING)

June 1

On Turning 10

I recall June 1, 2007, very vividly. The first day! I had one client project, was using Hotmail and my home desktop computer, and was simultaneously thrilled and terrified that I’d driven home from an office for the last (CONTINUE READING)

July 31

‘Fessing Up to “I Don’t Know”

We all know the feeling: someone asks us a question we think we should be able to answer. And if we can’t? Depending on the situation and who’s asking, this can produce reactions from a minor gulp to full-blown (CONTINUE READING)

May 28

Let’s Get It Started.

Welcome to the inaugural blog of Initiate Consulting! I am delighted to be joining the blogosphere. My goal is to use this space to present and discuss the topics that are most pressing on the minds and in the (CONTINUE READING)

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