Are You Ready to be Initiated?

Initiate clients have the following characteristics in common:

Rapid Growth

While business growth is desirable, it brings challenges. Executives call Initiate when leadership skills and styles must adapt to keep pace with growth and change.

Desire for Improvement

Many executives see greater potential in themselves and in their teams. Executives call Initiate when they aren’t sure how to unlock that potential.

Readiness to Find the Blind Spots

Organizations often develop workarounds to deal with the status quo. Executives call Initiate when they are ready to tackle persistent issues.

Interest in Sustainable Leadership Effectiveness

Many executives feel that powerful leadership moments are too fleeting. They call Initiate when they are ready to lead purposefully more often.

An Eye On the Big Picture

Focusing on leadership requires pausing to look at the big picture. Executives call Initiate when they realize that slowing down helps them speed up.

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