Leadership Is A Choice, Not A Position

This sentiment has been expressed by so many different leaders it’s difficult to attribute it as a quote to one person. Everyone from Stephen Covey to Jack Welch to Seth Godin has offered some form of this wisdom. I have my own experiences of this too, and I’ve seen the “a-ha” of this reality in my work with executives and leadership teams.

While leadership roles certainly offer many opportunities and can be accompanied by perks, they really aren’t for everyone.

With that in mind, I really appreciated this recent blog by Wally Bock: “Thinking of a Leadership Position? Six Questions to Help You Decide if It’s For You.”

If you’re considering whether you want to be promoted into leadership, the article will certainly give you fuel in your decision process.

If you’re already in a leadership role, you’ll still find value in it. Reflecting on the questions Wally poses will help you fine-tune what’s working for you as a leader or perhaps help you remember why you sought the role. On the flip side, it might help you put your finger on the root of any current challenges or frustrations you’re facing.

Highly recommend!

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