What is Coaching?

Working with a coach is an intentional choice for leaders who are ready to reach new levels of effectiveness.

Executive coaching is a development process that is personalized around you. A relationship with a Certified Leadership Coach provides the regular opportunity for intentional self-examination and purposeful decision-making with a partner who will support you and challenge you.

A coaching engagement will help you tap your full potential and deliver new results.

Are You Ready for a Coach?

Getting the most out of a coaching experience requires a commitment to yourself and to the process. Some questions you might ask yourself to determine readiness are:

  • Are you able to ask for and accept feedback?
  • Are you open to trying new behaviors or challenging current beliefs?
  • Are you ready to consider new possibilities?
  • Are you willing to commit to coaching sessions and activities?

What Coaching Is Not

A Coach’s role is distinct from other helping professionals such as a mentor, consultant, therapist or career counselor. For example, whereas a consultant provides direct solutions, a Coach supports clients as they create answers for themselves.

Coaching is not intended to replace performance measurement or to “fix” a leader. Coaching agendas are forward and growth-based; they are not based on consequential action.

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