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November 20

Thanks for the Tough Stuff

Much has been written about the relationship between being grateful and being happy. One such book is Thanks! How The New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier. Its Amazon description: “Scientifically speaking, regular grateful thinking can increase happiness by as (CONTINUE READING)

August 27

Shhh. Don’t Talk About That.

What would your employees say if asked: “what are the undiscussables around here?” What would you would say? Within every workplace, there are taboo topics. I’m not talking about politically incorrect topics. And I’m not talking about legitimate wrongdoings. (CONTINUE READING)

August 24

Words Matter.

“I used the wrong words in the wrong way.”  — Congressman Todd Akin Wow, did he ever. I’m not here to rehash this week’s events starring Congressman Akin – that’s been done enough. What I want to focus on (CONTINUE READING)

June 6

Lessons from the Queen: What Can We Learn from 60 Years of Leadership?

Unless you’ve gone on a news strike in recent days, you’ve seen the pageantry in the United Kingdom as they’ve celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s “Diamond Jubilee.”  Sixty years of leadership – wow! Realizing how little I actually knew about her, (CONTINUE READING)

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