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August 13

The Extraordinary Virtue of Being Ordinary

Question for you: as a leader, as a person, are you working to improve your resume virtues or your eulogy virtues? Resume virtues are the skills that contribute to external success. Eulogy virtues are the things you want people (CONTINUE READING)

August 24

Words Matter.

“I used the wrong words in the wrong way.”  — Congressman Todd Akin Wow, did he ever. I’m not here to rehash this week’s events starring Congressman Akin – that’s been done enough. What I want to focus on (CONTINUE READING)

August 14

‘Fessing Up to “I Don’t Know” Part 2 – Learning How to Learn

I recently tried something I’d never done before: a 10-day “clean food” detox program. Ten days without dairy, meat, fish, eggs, gluten and so on – let alone coffee, wine, or sweets! Physical impact and discipline notwithstanding, what was (CONTINUE READING)

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