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January 16

“You can be a great leader and also have a life.”

Says one of the feature articles in the December Harvard Business Review. I could not agree more. In fact, I’d argue the title of the article could be: “in order to be a great leader, you must have a (CONTINUE READING)

August 13

The Extraordinary Virtue of Being Ordinary

Question for you: as a leader, as a person, are you working to improve your resume virtues or your eulogy virtues? Resume virtues are the skills that contribute to external success. Eulogy virtues are the things you want people (CONTINUE READING)

August 27

Shhh. Don’t Talk About That.

What would your employees say if asked: “what are the undiscussables around here?” What would you would say? Within every workplace, there are taboo topics. I’m not talking about politically incorrect topics. And I’m not talking about legitimate wrongdoings. (CONTINUE READING)

May 22

Go On. Take A Break.

People often ask me what I see as common issues or themes among the leaders I coach. I reply by sharing one of the golden rules of coaching: each individual is individual. Even if two leaders are working on (CONTINUE READING)

April 16

Getting Comfortable With Discomfort

As a species, we humans don’t like being uncomfortable. Master of the obvious, you say? Perhaps. But really, most of us will go to great lengths to avoid discomfort. Stop to think for a minute about the ways we (CONTINUE READING)

October 19

Getting in the Zone: Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog, I indicated I’d share thoughts in this segment about how to identify what triggers “zone changes” and what gets in the way of bringing ourselves back. As I’ve said in this forum before (CONTINUE READING)

October 1

Getting in the Zone

In the groove. Mojo. In flow. Kicking a**. On fire. Hitting homeruns. Being on. Wow – even just writing those phrases felt good. It immediately brought up thoughts of those moments in my life and career when I felt (CONTINUE READING)

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