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April 15

Leaders: Being “Touchy-Feely” Is No Longer Optional

Years ago I published this post “Yes, You’re Touchy-Feely. Get Over It.” One statement I wrote was: “whether we like it or not, every person operates daily with and through emotions. It’s simply part of our biology.” These recent (CONTINUE READING)

May 10

“You Made A Difference in My Career.”

Playing a role in the development of another person is really pretty cool. Think of how it feels when someone says: “you made a difference in my career.” Pretty great, right? Too often, though, this part of leadership can (CONTINUE READING)

July 3

Go On. Take A Break.

People often ask me what I see as common issues or themes among the leaders I coach. I reply by sharing one of the golden rules of coaching: each individual is individual. Even if two leaders are working on (CONTINUE READING)

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