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February 19

One is the Loneliest Number

This song lyric makes me wonder if its writer, Harry Nilsson*, used to spend time with leaders. His bio doesn’t really suggest that, but his sentiment describes so aptly how leaders often feel. I started thinking about this as (CONTINUE READING)

April 1

Do You See What I See?

I’ve always loved optical illusion games like the ones here. Can you see the dual images in both of these? Even when I know for sure there’s another image in there than what I first see, I often can’t (CONTINUE READING)

September 12

Everyday Leadership: 5 Questions to Stay in Touch

Every executive and every leadership team I work with has at least two things in common: they want to be as effective as possible, and they are always, always feeling crunched. There is always more to do than can (CONTINUE READING)

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