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January 16

“You can be a great leader and also have a life.”

Says one of the feature articles in the December Harvard Business Review. I could not agree more. In fact, I’d argue the title of the article could be: “in order to be a great leader, you must have a (CONTINUE READING)

February 17

I’m Giving In.

I’m just going to say it. Contrary to popular belief espoused by motivational speakers, quotes, posters – and yes, my own profession – I believe that some days, you need to give in. Not up. In. I’m a big (CONTINUE READING)

January 12

Can You Have A Few Minutes Of Your Time?

Many times a day, we’re asked the usual form of that question: “can I have a few minutes of your time?” Leaders tend to give time readily to others while struggling mightily to give it to themselves: to think, (CONTINUE READING)

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