How do you ensure you lead in ways that move you and your organization forward?

The Initiate Offer

Leadership is first and foremost an internal game.

Executive Coaching engagements from Initiate blend the experience and wisdom that help clients dig deep to uncover their blind spots and the root causes of obstacles. A steady cadence of interactions gives clients time and space to practice new mindsets and behaviors.

Client Benefits

Clients learn that internal progress fuels external results. This allows them to clear their own path and become the leader they envision.

The Initiate Process

Coaching engagements with Initiate are a multi-month relationship. At a high-level, Initiate engagements unfold in the following way:

  • Phase 0: Ensure Coach and Client are a Match
  • Phase 1: Assess Starting Point and Desired End Point (Gather Data and Set Goals)
  • Phase 2: Observe Self and Practice New Behaviors (Coaching!)
  • Phase 2a: Conduct Midpoint Check-Ins (Coach, Client and Stakeholders)
  • Phase 3: Confirm Future Success (Evaluations and Wrap-up)

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